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Cheap Till Rolls - the provider of the UK's cheapest till rolls

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With our never knowingly over-sold price policy, should you find the same product within 28 days at a lower price, we will refund the difference.

Till Rolls "the cheapest till rolls on the web"

We provide only British quality Epson approved till rolls only.

Our till rolls are manufactured in the United Kingdom, using only approved suppliers in every step of our supply chain,�so from the Paper Mill to the packaging�we use in our plain�and bespoke printed till rolls are British standard approved and carry a certified current certificate,�this in turn helps us provide you the customer with till rolls that carry a 100 % customer satisfaction guarantee.

We as a company provide a variety of paper rolls to cover many different sectors and markets (Till rolls, Cash register Rolls, Ticket rolls, Journal Roll, Facsimile & Telex rolls, ATM rolls, Chip & Pin, Credit Card Rolls etc), all of which are held in stock for immediate dispatch from one of the four warehouse fulfillment centres/facilities we have placed in the UK.

The till rolls and paper roll we provide are suitable for the following OEM�s (Original Equipment manufacturers):
Able, Anker, Artema, Ascom, Aster, Aurora, Avery, Axalto, Axiohm, Barclays, Brecknell, Cardmate, Casio, Checkmate, Citizen, Datamax, Datasym, Decimo, Dione, Elite, Ellis, Epson, Extech, Fidelity, Fortronic, Geller, Gemalto, Hero, HSBC, Hypercom, ICL, Ingenico, Ithacca, JMC Gold, Knight, Lbau, Lloyds TSB, Matsu-Dionica, Maxatec, Natwest, NRP, Nurit, Olivetti, Olympia, Omron, Panasoni, Paycell, Sagem, Sagem Monetel, Samsung, Samsung Bixolon, Sanyo, Sato, Schlumberger, Sewoo, Sharp, Star, Sureone, Sweda, Tec, Thales,Thyron, Toshiba, Touchstar,Tysso, Uniwell, Verifone, Wincor, Nixdorf, Zebra.

All of the above manufactures provide machines that will use the following paper roll types Agrade, Thermal, Tmp, 2ply, 3ply, Impact Action, Etc.

The Credit Card�rolls�we provide are suitable for the following OEM�s (Original Equipment Manufacturers):

Artema Desktop, Artema Portable, Axalto Magic 5100, Axalto Magic 6000,��Axalto Magic 6100, Axalto Magic x1000, Barclaycard Classic, Barclaycard Eclipse, Cardmate, Cardmate CM230, Cardmate XT52, Dione Xchequer, Dione Xplorer, Dione Xtreme, Handepay Ingenico 7780, Handepay Ingenico TT41, Handepay VX570, Handepay VX601, HSBC MT 2000, Hypercom ICE4000,�Hypercom ICE5000, Hypercom ICE5500, Hypercom ICE5500 Plus, Hypercom ICE5501, Hypercom ICE5700 Plus, Hypercom ICE6500, Hypercom ICE6500CE, Hypercom Optimum M2100, Hypercom Optimum M4230, Hypercom Optimum M4240, Hypercom Optimum T2100, Hypercom Optimum T4100, Hypercom Optimum T4210, Hypercom Optimum T4220, Hypercom Optimum T4230, Hypercom T7P, Ingenico 5100, Ingenico 7100, Ingenico 7300, Ingenico 7700, Ingenico 7770, Ingenico 7780, Ingenico 7810, Ingenico 8550, Ingenico Elite, Ingenico TT41 Thermalroll, Ingenico TT41 2Ply roll, Ingenico TT42 Thermal roll, Ingenico TT42 2Ply roll, Paycell, Thales, Thales Artema Desk Top, Thales Artema Portable, Thales Artema Cardmate 2, Thales XT52, Thyron MPT 500 paycell, Verifone, Verifone OMNI 3600, Verifone OMNI 3740, Verifone OMNI 3750, Verifone VX-510, Verifone VX-570,��Verifone VX-670, Verifone Xplorer, Natwest Streamline, Etc.

Single ply paper rolls coming a variety of sizes such as: 37x37, 37x80, 44 x70, 44x80, 57x57,70x70, 76x76 although a bespoke roll of any size can be produced. Single ply are normally offered in two types of grades first �A�GRADE ROLLS which are a better brighter white and are normally produced wood free or dust free in order to prevent damage and provide your machines/ cash registrar with a longer life. or an economy paper roll which is known as TMP or Ecology (Recycled) this has an off white appearance and can only be produced in single Ply.

MULTI PLY PAPER ROLLS (2/3ply paper rolls)
Multi ply or carbonless rolls are produced in the same way as single ply rolls, but due to the paper type and coating provide duplicate transactions, we offer a range of coloured multi ply till�rolls from White/White or White/ Pink White/Yellow for two-ply and for your 3 ply requirements White/Pink/Yellow.

Some impact printers will use action paper instead of ribbons. This enables the print to be carried through to multiple layers of your till roll receipts without using a ribbon this is due to the paper having been coated at point of production.

Thermal paper rolls are used in most current up to date models of cash registers and credit card machines (Chip & Pin & PDQ). This paper is produced with a heat sensitive coating that reacts to a heated print head that in turn produces a clean sharp��image.

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